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    Lift Truck Operator Training

    Course Curriculum

    This course gives lift truck operators the necessary knowledge to safely and correctly operate lift truck(s) and attachments. Our comprehensive lift truck training program covers all aspects of lift truck operation and safety as required in the CSA Safety Standard for Lift Trucks (B335-15) and the Ontario Ministry of Labour guidelines. To complete the program, participants receive both theory instruction and practical operating test(s).

    Learning Objectives:
    • Current Applicable Legislation and Guidelines
    • Operator Responsibility
    • Vehicle Stability
    • Hazard Awareness
    • Accident Prevention including Injury and Damage
    • General Operation
    • Load Handling
    • Pedestrian Awareness
    • Pre-Operational Inspection and Reporting Procedures
    • Battery Charging/Changing and/or Propane Cylinder Exchange

    How can I benefit from this course?

    • Participants gain an understanding of the various types of lift trucks; receiving and storage of loads; transporting loads around the workplace; and regulatory requirements of lift truck use.

    Is this course for me?

    This course is for all workers in Construction, Manufacturing and Industrial sectors, who will operate a type of forklift.

    Legislative Reference

    • Industrial Regulation 851/90, Section 51 (2)
    • Construction Regulation 213/91, Section 96
    • CAN/CSA-B335- 15 – Lift Trucks

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    Certification Maintenance Points/ Approval

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